Ancient Views

in light of the ancient Word

My Old School Notebook

"I think, therefore I am" as the philosopher René Descartes once said. It's part of being human, and what separates us from other creatures (even AI and deep learning). God has given us this ability to think and choose.

Did I Lose Myself?

When I was child, life was a lot more simple. I run and play, get dirty or get wet. What is Star City or Disneyland? Everywhere is a playground. I didn't need a plane ticket to go and enjoy the beauty of nature. I speak a few words, yet I talk

Which is more important, the mouse or the cat?

"The Lord will open... the heavens, to give the rain to your land in its season... Blessed shall be the fruit of your ground..."

Say "Yes" To A Wedding

"Wonderful moments" not short, no, never ending
Look at me, quick, say "yes" to a wedding
And on your finger, forever keep this ring

Does the end justifies the means?

Its a common knowledge that falling inline at a government office is a nightmare (or a "daymare" as a friend said), at least most of the time.

I needed a driver's license.

Aside from other practical reasons, I will be losing

Stop Playing Small

Have you ever felt insecure? We all have, at least once.

Speaking of insecurity, I see no one else in the Bible who is more insecure than King Saul. Look at the way he talks:

"I was afraid of the men and so I gave in to them

Be Steady

I believe the benefits of patience and self-control does not only apply to our finances. It also affects every aspect of our lives.

Apostle Peter wrote, "His divine power has given us everything we need for life... he has given us his

Everything Is In The Cloud

I have had a strange yet funny dream last night.

For some reason I was in an old house, a huge antique house made of wood. Living in the house is an old lady who is very skeptic about how the youth live today.

I was suppose to

Just Do Something

Back when I was at my early 20s, while at the review center for my board exam, the president used to tell us that we should get married while young, that is at early 20s. Because he got married at early 30s, he knows the disadvantages of prolonged

Obscure Counsel

But it is not us who would change them. It is God and his Word. Let's not impose our own traditions and human commands.

To Baby Zion

My dear nephew,

Happy birthday! Tito is coming back home soon to see you! You grow up so fast. I hope that one day you would be able to read this.

Reward Of Doing Things Together

I started working from home since early 2011. At first, I was satisfied with the comfort and convenience of being at home and not having to spend hours on the road, stuck with my office mates in a heavy traffic specially when its raining

I Will Rise

Several times I asked God whether I am really in a right place at a right time. I felt lonely, and told myself that I'm insane. My friends told me that I'm going nuts, wasting money in enrolling MA History that's nothing to do with my IT career.

Why Build Memories?

I just met my high school friends last night.?One of them said, "You know you should travel often while you are young. You should build memories. You can always earn money, but not memories."

This is not the first time I've heard

Why Chief Justice Renato Corona is Judged Guilty?

I was watching the live speech of each senator yesterday as they each give their judgement on the 5-month long Impeachment Trial. While listening to them, some Bible verses popped up in my mind. Some of them specifically mentioned the verse. And some

Promise of Blessings

Last Thursday the founders of a startup company based in Singapore setup a meeting with me after reading my technical blog about programming. After discussing with me about their product and the

In His Likeness

While watching "Bawal ang Pasaway kay Mareng Winnie", she said that the Philippines is the only nation in the world that does not allow divorce. She suggested that we should adapt it. One of the arguments was, since all the nations allow

Lost And Found

While in a mall yesterday, a teenager boy approached me to ask some donations for what he calls "missionary" purposes. He said he is a seminarian so, in order to verify his claim, I asked him to tell me how to be saved.

Institution of a Nation

The Israelites left Egypt as a huge group without any order or established organization. They were like a big family led by their father Moses.

+1 Value

John Maxwell, my favorite author, always says in his books "add value to people". Everytime I come across this passage it doesn't make sense to me.

On one of my interviews, the manager asked "what value can you add to our company?".

Get your A from God

Uncle and I were talking about a topic while waiting for their departure flight at NAIA when we got distracted by the playing of his annoying (or more appropriately "cute") 2 kids. Then uncle said to them, "That's '1'. When you get '3', no noodles on

The Comfort of Being Mediocre

"Didn't we say to you in Egypt, 'Leave us alone; let us serve the Egyptians'? It would have been better for us to serve the Egyptians than to die in the desert!" How did the Israelites respond to change? Sure enough, they often prefer their mediocre

Heat's Skill Is Not Enough

On game 2, Heat was 15 points ahead in the last 3 minutes of the 4th quarter and Mavs managed to take over and win the game and never lose hope.?But on this 6th game, Heat showed complacency on the court on the last 3 minutes. Skill is not enough to

End Of The World?

Many people have skeptically waited for the falsely predicted Rapture to take place this afternoon, 6PM. News everywhere alarmed some people to some extent, relying on the prediction of Harold Camping, a Christian radio broadcaster.

When Change is Stuck

I have become impatient
And I am aware that God blessed Daniel because of his faithfulness in his job.

I've been working for 2 years now, and serving my employer with excellence and diligence as if serving the Lord.

The Place Where I Can Return To

While watching an anime, one character said, 'Home is a place where someone is thinking of you; it is the place where you can return to'.

Hmm, where can I return to? Where is my home?

I sometimes act like a child, ignoring my


I am insecure. Despite those titles my society can give me, I am still just a simple mark of failure written in the history of time. How could I reprove that I am as good as nothing?

The Trend

I have writen this article when I was in college. I found it on my old files.

I was sitting in quietness and loneliness on top of the hill situated in front of CSU one afternoon this Wednesday. In my front I observed students

Uniquely Anointed

?David fastened on his sword over the tunic and tried walking around, because he was not used to them. ?I cannot go in these,? he said to Saul, ?because I am not used to them.? So he took them off.? 1 Samuel 17:39

Define and Clarify Your Purpose

When I was in high school, I was a sepak athlete. I went to live with my coach for a month training before going to the actual competition.

During our training, my coach asked me, "What is your position/role? Spiker?

I Will Fly

Why does this world is so deceitful?
I was walking while thinking?
Then I realized that I was in the Market

I'm Not Afraid If Its The Only Way

I'm not afraid to fail
If it is the only way to achieve success
I'm not afraid to be hurt
If it is the only way to be tender
I'm not afraid to fall
If it is the only way to rise

Confusion In This Land

Stillness has deserted my life
And abandoned with full of strife;
Agony and Confusion have occupied
That peace and joy why they hide?