Everything Is In The Cloud

Nov. 1, 2014
I have had a strange yet funny dream last night.

For some reason I was in an old house, a huge antique house made of wood. Living in the house is an old lady who is very skeptic about how the youth live today.

I was suppose to go to the kitchen to eat when she told me, "You always eat but you're still very skinny. Do you even know how many times we should eat?"

I said, "Yeah, 3 times a day". (I actually eat more than 3 times in a day, hehe!)

"That's a myth." she said.

Not wanting to be embarrassed, I answered, "No, its a scientific fact." Of course I'm not sure of any scientific basis, haha!

With full of confidence she told me, "Are you sure? You can check the book and see its a myth." She was pointing at an old dusty book.

I looked and its a reference book on myths and scientific facts. I was suppose to grab it and read what it says, but in a brief moment of thinking I said, "That might be obsolete already, I'll check the Internet".

In the area there was a tsunami coming, so all the people have to evacuate. I saw one of her maids coming with big photo albums and old letters in white envelopes with postal stamps. She told the old lady, "Here they are!" and she put them in a box. The old lady looked at me with arrogance and said, "You see, I'm saving all my data."

"Oh yes, my data!".

I was suppose to run to get my USB, hard drive and laptop but there was no more time. Tsunami is coming! So I said, "I think there is no need, everything is synced?in the Cloud!".

After the tsunami swept the area, she told me in regret, "All my gold treasures hidden in the old house are gone. I should have given them to my grandchildren."

I answered with full of hope, "I'm gonna treasure hunt them."

She said, "You can't find them, everything is covered with rubble and there is no more landmark left."

"Don't worry, I marked the location with GPS!"

Then I woke up smiling.

by Noel Pure
I'm a Python web developer by profession and the author of Noel Codes and Ancient Views. I like coding and reading books, specially the Bible.