The Place Where I Can Return To

March 16, 2010
While watching an anime, one character said, 'Home is a place where someone is thinking of you; it is the place where you can return to'.

Hmm, where can I return to? Where is my home?

I sometimes act like a child, ignoring my heavenly Father's instruction and seeking something that I thought might be good for me. And when I end up wounded and tired and nowhere to go, its always encouraging to know that I have a place where I can return to.

Where could I go
But into your presence
Where could I run
But into your arms
All of my roads
Lead to this redemption
Father you know the way nobody knows
So where could I go

I know I can go back home to where my Father is who is always thinking of me (Luke 15:20 NLT). In His presence, that's my home -- a home where I can find rest and strength. For?he who dwells in the shelter of the Most High will rest in the shadow of the Almighty (Psalms 91:1 NIV).

They don't know that I go running home when I fall down
They don't know who picks me up when no one is around
I drop my sword and cry for just a while

So let the Most High God be like a home to you (Psalms 91:9 NIrV). 

by Noel Pure
I'm a Python web developer by profession and the author of Noel Codes and Ancient Views. I like coding and reading books, specially the Bible.