Uniquely Anointed

April 30, 2009
Read: I Samuel 17:34-40; 17:50

?David fastened on his sword over the tunic and tried walking around, because he was not used to them. ?I cannot go in these,? he said to Saul, ?because I am not used to them.? So he took them off.? 1 Samuel 17:39


A young and envious deer dreamed to do the things other animals can do. He wanted to fly like an eagle to see the mountain?s view from the sky. He tried to leap from tree to tree like a monkey. He dared to swim like the crocodile to cross the river. But after several attempts in giving his best, he ended frustrated and injured. So his father said, ?Don?t try to imitate them because you are uniquely created. You may not be able to fly or swim but you can climb mountain heights with speed and endurance.?

David did not insist to use the armor and weapon that he was not trained or skilled to use. Rather, he chose to use his special skill to defeat the enemy. He chose to be himself and eventually became useful for God.

Dale Carnegie wrote: ?Even ?after ?your ?mother ?and ?father ?met ?and ?mated, ?there ?was ?only ?one ?chance ?in 300,000 billion that the person who is specifically you would be born! In other words, if you had 300,000 billion brothers and sisters, they might have all been different from you. Is all this guesswork? No. It is a scientific fact.?

Many Christians say, ?If only I?m as anointed as Benny Hinn; if only I can preach like Billy Graham; if only I can sing like Darlene Zschech; if only I?m as wealthy as Bill Gates; or if only I?m as intelligent as Albert Einstein, then I will do great things for the Lord.?

Forbes reported that one of the reasons why Yahoo is loosing its leadership position in the industry is because for the past years, it failed to define and clarify its purpose to its users. We know that Google is a search engine site; we know that Facebook is a social networking site; we know that Youtube is a video sharing site.?But Yahoo offers a lot of services which gives her a blur identity.

Rather than looking for the qualities and fortunes that you don?t have, ask yourself how God uniquely designed and anointed you to do special things, no matter how ?small? or ?insignificant? it is relative to the whole system.

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by Noel Pure
I'm a Python web developer by profession and the author of Noel Codes and Ancient Views. I like coding and reading books, specially the Bible.